Hope Rescued
Northern Arizona

Taking Neighborhoods and Nations for the Gospel

Matthew 28:19

Our Northern AZ Hope Rescued program is our first Hope Rescued program. Our missionary Marci Adamo and an incredible team of volunteers reach the homeless and in need every week across Northern Arizona.

Doing outreach three to five times every week across Prescott, Cottonwood, and Flagstaff Arizona our team hands out hundreds of snack bags and builds relationships with those on the streets. We talk with them, listen to them, love them, pray with them, and share the gospel with them. So many get to hear about the gospel of Jesus on the streets of Northern Arizona every week. As we build relationships and trust with those we minister too we can connect them with resources to help them get off the street. Whether it be Christ centered recovery, affordable housing, job skills training and connecting with employers our heart is to not only connect everyone with Jesus. But to build relationship with people, help them, and walk alongside them so that they can become who Christ called them to be.

Our Northern AZ team has also recently launched a community cookout program for the homeless and at risk. Our team cooks for over one hundred at each of our free meals where we share the gospel, pray for those who desire prayer, and work to get more people off the streets.

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